Week 2
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Building Brand Loyalty

Building Brand Loyalty


With each new launch, the hysteria around the ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ brand continues to conquer the globe. The reactions range from 10-block-long queues of fans anxiously waiting for the shop to open, to super-fan Cupcake tattoos—yes, permanent ones. In this awe-inducing presentation, Johnny will educate you on how you too can create a wave of word-of-mouth marketing, loyalty, and obsession around your products, service or organization—and within your team—through the power of experiential branding.

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Johnny Earle
Johnny Cupcakes

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Performance Indicators

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

Assess personal behavior and values
Identify company's brand promise
Explain the nature of product/service branding
Explain the nature of buzz-marketing
Set up cross-promotions
Explain the role of business websites in digital marketing


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Johnny Earle
Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Earle started selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his beat up ’89 Toyota Camry, and then out of his crusty suitcase while on tour with his band On Broken Wings. People all around the country began to purchase them. Before he knew it, his Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts caught the attention of so many people, and making them quickly became his passion. Johnny took a risk by quitting his day job and his band, as he knew launching this brand would require 100% of his energy. Instead of playing loads of video games or partying like most of his peers, he chose to spend his time and money building the foundation of his new independent clothing line, Johnny Cupcakes.