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Five Things I Learned in DECA that Prepared Me for Google
21st Century Skills

Five Things I Learned in DECA that Prepared Me for Google


Laura Mae Martin shares her experience in DECA and the five things she learned as a DECA member that have shaped her career at Google.

Presented By:
Laura Mae Martin

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Career Cluster:
Business Admin Core
Instructional Area(s):
Professional Development
Performance Indicators

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

Set personal goals
Demonstrate adaptability
Use networking techniques to identify employment opportunities
Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development (e.g., trade journals/periodicals, professional/trade associations, classes/seminars, trade shows, and mentors)


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Laura Mae Martin

Laura Mae started at Google 10 years ago and has various roles in sales, strategy and event planning across five offices. Her continued passion for productivity lead her to create the Productivity@Google program and she now works as Executive Productivity Advisor working 1:1 with Google's Execs to increase their daily workflow and productivity. She also records weekly tips for Google Workspace on Youtube. She has a 1-year old daughter, two pups, and loves to read, play piano and cook in her free time.