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Level Up
21st Century Skills

Level Up


In this hard-hitting message, Dr. Laymon Hicks challenges members not to become a statistic, but to become more than students. He shares key strategies to help members set themselves apart from the crowd by leveling up in life, in the classroom and in leadership. Members will walk away with the understanding that they can be more, do more and have more of what they want in life!

Presented By:
Dr. Laymon Hicks
Keynote Speaker

Session Information


Career Cluster:
Business Admin Core
Instructional Area(s):
Emotional Intelligence
Performance Indicators

This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

Explain the concept of self-esteem
Assess personal strengths and weaknesses
Exhibit a positive attitude
Adjust to change
Take responsibility for decisions and actions


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Dr. Laymon Hicks
Keynote Speaker

Dr. Laymon Hicks puts it all on the table. As a teenager, he battled feelings of abandonment, was lured by peer pressure into becoming a bully and descended into depression. Realizing that real motivation comes from within, Dr. Hicks was able to go from troubled youth, to graduating high school with a 4.0 grade point average and obtaining a doctorate by the age of 29. His story is moving, his words are empowering and his message is practical. As he shares his “frustrations, flops and faults,” he’ll leave you wanting more, needing to do better and believing you deserve better.