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NASCAR Hall of Fame: Race Cars, Sponsorships and Business

NASCAR Hall of Fame: Race Cars, Sponsorships and Business


Since 1948, sponsors, marketing and race cars have been tied together for the business of NASCAR. Explore the NASCAR Hall of Fame to learn more about NASCAR and the business of racing. Plus, see some of our exhibits and artifacts featured in the Hall.

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Eliza Russell
NASCAR Hall of Fame

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This classroom connection will provide instructional resources to introduce the following National Curriculum Standards.

Explain the nature of professional selling
Explain the nature of business ethics
Differentiate between consumer and organizational buying behavior
Distinguish between using social media for business and personal purposes


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Eliza Russell
NASCAR Hall of Fame

Eliza Russell has over 30 years’ experience developing educational programs for adults, families, and students. Focused on building programs designed to provide interactive and experiential learning, which supports curriculum learning objectives. Ms. Russell has worked at a variety of institutions highlighting education as a framework for engagement with visitors. These include Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore, MD; US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY. Most recently, Ms. Russell served as the Director of Education nationally for the National Wildlife Federation overseeing its community and school programs. Ms. Russell has designed and implemented with her team the current educational strategies and programs at the NASCAR Hall of Fame focused on enhancing student engagement by utilizing real-world learning applications of NASCAR. She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oswego.